Are you an optimistic coach who wants to inspire your tribe to move through these uncertain times and get to the other side?

Yet you are wondering how to keep yourself going as you reach out the take care of others….

We are here for YOU.

LEAD NOW is a six-week complimentary program filled with high-level conversations to inspire you and support you to grow your business and keep it healthy through these tumultuous times.

It’s happening April 13th through May 24, 2020.

You might be asking yourself…..


• how can I keep myself strong to be a leader for those around me?

• who do I want to show up as during this time?

• what do I want to do to remain true to my mission?

• how do I keep myself and my business healthy now?


“Sometimes when things look like they are falling apart, they are actually falling into place.”

A Note from Karen

Magnificent Coach,

These are challenging times. Yet, we coaches are made for times like this! We are here to lead the way through. We are here to be the voice of optimism. We are here to show kindness. Join us for the LEAD NOW complimentary program. Receive nurturing and inspiration for yourself and your business, as you go out and lead those around you. We’ll all get through this together. My team and I are here for you!

Love and great joy (yes, there is still lots of that in the world),

Karen and her team are here for you with:



Together with the most amazing coaches from all over the globe, you will have a tribe to get through this with.



You will receive ‘live’ coaching from Karen and her team for any mindset challenges you’re having.



Karen and her team will share high level strategies to inspire you and help you keep your business flourishing.

The 'Voice of Optimism' Bi-Weekly Briefings

You’ll be the first to hear briefings from Karen based on what is currently working for coaches.


Implementation Days

You will be invited to dates where you will be able to come and work on your own stuff with others around – a virtual study hall, if you will.


Karen’s team will support you with your questions about taking your business online and creating your marketing message that spotlights your authentic self.

If you are a coach who desires to…

•   be nurtured and taken care of during this continual changing time

•   stay on your mission in the face of uncertainty

•   have a robust business during and after this and any challenge

Then this FREE program is for you!

Karen Cappello MCC

Karen Cappello, coach and thought-leader is ready for this paradigm shift.

She has been leading and inspiring coaches to be their best selves and make the impact and income they desire for the past 20 years.

Andrea Cinnamond

As a online business coach and implementation specialist, Andrea loves to play at the intersection of logic and creativity. She works best with her clients in a collaborative partnership, understanding their vision and helping bring it to life.

Tiffany Pavelka

Equal parts problem-solver, decision-maker, and collaborator, Tiffany is able to think strategically and technically allowing her to support business owners in implementing their vision quickly. She takes care of all the details so you can do your genius work. 

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